Books by Author, Carol Kinsey

Witness Protection

Witness Protection: Ty Westgate is a man living under witness protection. Brooke Dunbar is a young nurse, struggling to find hope and healing from her past. After four years in hiding, Ty puts his faith in Christ and realizes his moral duty to tell his unsaved parents about Jesus.

While this step of faith holds eternal significance for Ty’s parents, it also puts Ty’s life in jeopardy. Together, in this fast paced novel, Ty and Brooke work to unravel the truth behind Ty’s adversaries. Will Ty’s decision to share his faith cost him his life? Will Brooke learn to trust the One Who can heal her past? The price of freedom may be too high.

Until Proven Innocent: Bethany Young is running from the law. Accused of a murder she didn’t commit, Bethany’s life is in the hands of one of her accusers. Embarking on an irreversible journey, Deputy Tanner Brenly and Bethany work to unravel the secrets that tangle her life. How can Bethany prove she’s innocent when all the evidence points to her? How can she expect Tanner to believe what even she cannot prove? Together, Bethany and Tanner must wait and trust in the Lord – until proven innocent.


Greater Love: Trey Netherland is undercover. Rainey Meadows has been deceived. She wants answers. He wants the bad guy. Together, Rainey and Trey find themselves in the heart of Columbia, both searching for different things. As Rainey struggles to learn who she is, Trey is torn between the lies he’s told and the Truth that is fighting to reach his heart.

Tangled in a dangerous plot, can Rainey trust the man whose lies put her heart in turmoil? Will Trey finally cry out to the only One who can truly set him free? There is only one Truth and it’s in Him they find Greater Love.


Under thShadow of a Steeple: It’s not easy being a teenager in foster care. Tormented by verbal abuse and the threat of being separated from her brothers, Hailey knew something had to change. Hoping to find the peace they long for, Hailey, Hayden, and Grant, and their foster sister, Kyra, set out on a journey that would change their lives forever. Can Hailey keep her family together by running away? Will God heal their hurting hearts and help them find the love they long for? Hailey hopes to find protection under the shadow of a steeple.


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Creative Writing Through Literature: Under the Shadow of a Steeple

Writing & Literature Curriculum for Junior High & High School Students: Good writers are good readers. Good readers come from reading good books. When children enjoy their reading, they become more passionate readers. Creative Writing Through Literature is designed to help your child become a better reader and a better writer by introducing them to good books and giving them opportunities to develop creative writing skills.This complete literature and writing homeschool curriculum incorporates writing techniques, literature, grammar, vocabulary, spelling, and scripture, for junior high through high school students.


New for 2018!

Adventures in Novel Writing: A complete high school literature and writing course!

A great curriculum for your aspiring writer!

Adventures in Novel Writing is packed with Adventures in Novel Writinggrammar lessons, literary terms, and assignments designed to deepen your high school student’s understanding of writing. Students will also have an opportunity to write their own fiction novel!

Students will read the novel, Witness Protection, as well as four other novels of their choice. They will also do regular Bible reading and journaling. It is recommended students use the Spiritual Circle Journal, found on


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