The Fun Behind Until Proven Innocent

Until Proven Innocent book cover amazon The fun behind Until Proven Innocent

I love to write. It gives my mind opportunity to slip away in to other times, other places, and see into the lives of other people. Whether it’s fiction or non-fiction, writing helps me formulate my thoughts.

One of the beauties of writing is that it lets me be creative. As with any art form, writing lets me use words to paint a picture that can send a message and evoke emotion in the hearts of my readers.

Until Proven Innocent was a fun book to write because, while the story is historical fiction, it takes place in Northern California, where my husband and I once lived.

Northern California is a place rich with history and natural beauty. Known for its many wineries, vineyards, beautiful coastline, redwood and sequoia trees, and picturesque cities, Northern California is a beautiful backdrop for a love story. While living in California, my husband and I took many trips along the Lost Coast, camping, exploring, and hiking along remote trails and rocky hillsides.

The love story behind Until Proven Innocent was fun to paint. Within any love relationship there needs to be trust and mutual respect. The relationship between Bethany and Tanner stems from a selfless desire to lay aside personal needs and bless someone else. Both characters threw aside their own safety, needs, and comforts, in order to help the other. Against the odds, they learn to trust one another and find unconditional love.

As with any love story I write, Christ is a central figure in the plot. Just as He is a central figure in my life, His presence is crucial in the lives of my characters. His hand in their lives is the driving force behind their love and guides their steps in ways only our heavenly Father could.

Another fun part of creating Until Proven Innocent was the book cover design. It was exciting to watch the cover models as they stepped into the persona of their characters and wrapped themselves in the image we wanted to create. Bethany (the name of the model as well as the main character) and Sam are both college students who have amazing acting talent. I think they had just as much fun with the photo shoot as we did. It was difficult to choose the photo for Until Proven Innocent because there were so many nice ones.

While it would have been wonderful to photograph the cover photo in Northern California, we settled on a small historical site in central Ohio. Historic Roscoe Village is an 1800’s canal town in Coshocton, Ohio and a great place to step back in time. Since Until Proven Innocent is a historic fiction novel, Roscoe Village seemed like just the right backdrop for the cover art.

There are beautiful places everywhere and beautiful love stories still to be written. But the most beautiful love story in the world is the true story of our Creator and His love for us. No writer in the world can create a story so rich and perfect in love, as the One Who has given us everything and desires for us to love Him and follow Him. I pray that the message of His love will be reflected in everything I write.

“For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son that whoever believes in Him should not perish, but have eternal life.”   John 3:16

“O God, I have tasted Thy goodness, and it has both satisfied me and made me thirsty for more.”  – A.W.Tozer The Pursuit of God

I love the sassy little grin Bethany has on her face in this picture. Sam is taking himself very serious.
Bethany and Sam had an amazing way of capturing the emotion we expect to see in Bethany and Tanner.
IMG_5683 - Version 2
The charm of Historic Roscoe Village and the sweetness of this couple make this picture one of my favorites.